Respond Quickly.

Through a combination of Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing, Player XP automatically identifies any issues your players are having with your game. Player posts and reviews are collected and processed hourly, allowing you to quickly spot any new problems arising. Email notifications can be configured to ensure the right people in your team are kept up to date.

Informed Decision Making.

Player XP has been built specifically for the games industry and utilises over 70 million individual posts and reviews about a wide ranging set of games. This means that the platform automatically identifies and groups player feedback allowing you to remove the noise and focus on the feedback that matters. With Player XP’s pre-defined groupings, you can take a data driven approach to driving changes inside your game.

Smarter Player Engagement.

As well as providing the top level groupings of your player feedback, Player XP also highlights the consistent topics being discussed inside the long form content. This allows you to easily find discussion around certain features, measure the overall response and find specific comments to respond to.

Measure Change Effectiveness.

By introducing Player XP to your community engagement, QA or release approach, you are also introducing a measureable metric in the form of player sentiment and discussion volume. Combine these metrics with topics, groupings or any other collected meta data (playtime, star rating etc…) to track via an online dashboard or regular reports how effective your changes really are.