Frequently Asked Questions

What is Player XP?

Player XP is the first review aggregator specifically targeted at the games industry. By combining state-of-the-art language analysis technology with the latest web technologies, Player XP can accurately identify and present the reviews that matter the most to you.

Player XP gathers reviews from over 450,000 mobile games from the iOS app store, filters out the generic ‘this is great’ review and presents to you only the most valuable in feedback. Player XP can help you understand your player base quicker than ever before and will ultimately help you build a better game.

What's different about PlayerXP?

The difference between Player XP and other review aggregators is our most-powerful feature, our games industry focused Machine Learning technology. Player XP utilises the latest in text-analytics to understand and identify key subjects within the reviews themselves. This gives you the ability to filter out reviews so you’re only looking at the reviews that matter to you.

Combining this with the huge amounts of reviews available, Player XP can become your go to tool for understanding your users. Want to know what people think about your monetisation efforts? Player XP can help. Want to see the top bugs people are annoyed about? Player XP can help. Why not give it a try by signing up for free now..

Where does the data come from?

We source all of your player reviews from iTunes and the Google Play Store meaning Player XP is a must have review aggregator for any up and coming mobile studio.

All of the reviews shown in our website have been run through our own proprietary technology to identify key subjects, versions, publish dates and a bunch of other key points.

How does the categorisation work?

All of our technology is built upon Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. We utilise huge amounts of data to learn patterns amongst the data. This way, every time a new review is added to our system, our technology will automatically determine if a review is considered helpful or not.

Where are the other territories?

Currently our system only supports English speaking territories so we’ve chosen a few of the key markets for you to get used to initially.

Now Player XP is live, we’re now working hard on building a reliable translation system for the other major markets. Expect some news regarding this very soon.

I want to close my account, how do I do this?

That’s a real shame but we understand. If you want to close your account then please email with the subject line ‘Cancellation’. We’ll then work as closely as we can with you to ensure your account is closed properly.

I really want to work with the Hertzian team on a project, who do I contact?

That’s great news! We’re always on the lookout for new projects so please email with the subject line ‘Hertzian Project’ and we’ll get back to you asap.