What’s New – May 2020

Following on from last months introduction of our monthly update articles, this month’s article covers the introduction of a new major metric and the addition of the first set of customisation tools into the dashboard.

As we move towards the ‘new normal’, the team have continued to work hard pushing through new major new features and adding small quality of life improvements. As such, all of the features described in this article are now live within the Player XP dashboard.

Latest Product Updates

New Metric: Community Size

Previously, we have been focused on making sure it’s easy to understand how two metrics are impacted by changes in your games – sentiment and community activity (# of interactions). From today, we’re rolling out the introduction of a new third metric – # of community members reached (also known as Community Size).

What this means in practice is that alongside your interaction count metrics and charts, you’ll also see how many unique members of your community contributed to the discussion.

The introduction of this metric has already started to highlight some interesting insights for the team, particularly around the boom in community activity following the lockdowns taking place around the globe.

An example of the new Community Size metrics being introduced to our charts.

You’ll be able to see this new metric across the dashboard but we are always looking to improve the way in which you locate insights so if there is somewhere that doesn’t include the Community Size metrics that you believe will be valuable, please do let us know.

Saved Topics / Recent Searches

As mentioned in our blog article a few weeks ago, we’ve recently introduced the first set of our dashboard customisation features – the ability to save and hide specific topics. This is part of a major effort for us to help you tweak the way you use the dashboard to line up with your roles.

In future updates, we’ll be introducing new features like custom categories and the ability to control which categories are being included in your dashboards.

Quality of Life and Speed Improvements

As always, we have continued to make a number of small improvements – both in terms of quality of life and bug fixes. Some of the smaller, stand-out changes include:

  • We’ve introduced an “Official Thread” filter when viewing Online Community threads in the Interaction Explorer. By using this, you can filter your search to only see the threads put out by your team. Great for tracking reaction to announcements or dev diaries.
  • As well as searching through the Interaction Explorer by keyword, you can now also search by thread name as well. Similarly to the filter, this is great for locating key feedback to your shared content.
  • We’ve made a number of changes to our Topics system to improve the quality and relevancy of Topics being returned by the system.
  • We’ve also made a number of optimisations behind the scenes so you should see the dashboard react quicker when navigating through it.

Thank you for your continued support of Player XP and we hope you like the new changes. Keep an eye out at the bottom of the Community Hub page for our update next month. If you would like to see what we’re working on, you can check out our Public Roadmap.

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