Game Quality Forum Logo

We are excited to announce that Player XP is proudly sponsoring Game Quality Forum this June 27 – 29, 2023 in Amsterdam!

For those that don’t know about Game Quality Forum, it is a three-day programme supported by three function-specific streams, designed to provide professionals in QA, Localisation, and Player Community everything needed to deliver a better gaming experience. Industry expert speakers will deliver insights into the key functions of the event, and there will be valuable networking opportunities for attendees.

Select partners and sponsors will also be hosting workshops, bringing us to our announcement’s next topic.

Player XP will be hosting a workshop at Game Quality Forum. Our CTO Andy and Head of Community Development Jenesee, will talk about how Player XP’s AI automates player monitoring and reporting to improve QA, Localisation, and Player Community. We will also discuss how Player XP’s sentiment, topic, and toxicity analysis can solve studios’ and publishers’ problems such as:

  • Struggling to analyse and make sense of player community data
  • Limited access to market and consumer data
  • Lacking insights into player behaviour and engagement
  • Challenges with connecting and engaging with players globally
  • Experiencing QA and Localisation problems? Player XP can solve these by identifying bugs and providing language support

We aim to increase awareness of Player XP in the gaming industry as a global service and the leading AI-powered community intelligence platform that can help studios and developers unlock their community. We are excited to sponsor Game Quality Forum and utilise the amazing opportunity to share Player XP’s cutting-edge technology with everyone attending. 

Let us know if you will be at Game Quality Forum! We look forward to seeing everyone there and can’t wait to host the Player XP workshop.


Andrew Husband

Andrew Husband is the Co-founder of Hertzian, the creators of Player XP and has over a decade of experience serving as its Chief Technology Officer. Andy is responsible for overseeing all technical activity at Player XP with a focus on developer operations and data architecture, with a speciality in Machine Learning and AI used to power Player XP. Andy aims to help Player XP grow as a global service to help connect communities with the studios and publishers, automate monitoring and reporting, and maintain a healthy and engaged community of players.


Jenesee Grey

Jenesee Grey has focused on bringing together diverse groups under a common banner by providing community strategy and execution on 9+ successfully launched games. She has taken roles as a speaker, writer, and podcaster with a focus on Publishing, Indie Games, and Sentiment Data. Currently the Head of Communications for Developer/Publisher Those Awesome Guys and Head of Community Development for Player XP, she is eager to help build the ethical and sustainable foundations for future technology to create better communities.