In-game chat activity is an important metric to measure when collecting and analysing player data. In-game chat is where players communicate during online game modes. You mostly see this in online multiplayer team games and game modes. 

Keep reading this article to learn about our new type of data source and how we can provide you with more insights into your community from your in-game chat.

Collecting Data

If any of our dashboard users ask for us to set up in-game chat as a new data source for their game, we will integrate the Player XP bot or API so that we have access to the online chat that you want to see. Once we have access to the in-game chat, we can pull interactions related to your game for analysis and show them on the Player XP dashboard. In the in-game chat source on the dashboard, you will be able to see the number and percentage of interactions and the average sentiment of interactions from your in-game chat. 

You will also have several other Player XP features to provide you with more insights into your in-game chat data, such as Most Discussed Categories, Sentiment Drivers, and Audience Type Segmentation. They allow you to see what elements of your game are discussed the most, whether this discussion is positive or negative, and learn more about the types of active members in your community.

Importance of In-Game Chat Data

We decided to add in-game chat as a new source so that our users now have the opportunity to see all conversations happening within your game and not miss any key feedback that can help you improve your game. As the only games community platform, Player XP is dedicated to giving our users easy access to the global discussion around your game so that you can better understand how your players perceive your product. 

We aim to do this by further increasing our list of data sources and providing ourselves with more platforms to gather and analyse data. In-game chat is where players will confer with each other about elements of the game, as they are playing. These conversations could include specific feedback from players about the gameplay, graphics and more which can help you to identify areas of your game that are responded to positively or negatively.


If you have any questions about the in-game chat data source or are interested in setting up in-game chat as a data source for your game, get in touch with us at Player XP via email or Slack.