We are excited to share with you our latest Player XP report focusing on the recently released game – ‘Ready Or Not’. Ready Or Not is a tactical first-person shooter (fps) where you play as SWAT police units with the objective to defuse hostile situations. Made by a smaller developer VOID Interactive, the modern-day style game was finally released in mid-December 2021, after its initial postponement. The game is currently available on PC in Steam Early Access so is still subject to changes and updates with new content.

Why ‘Ready Or Not’?

We have chosen to write a report on Ready Or Not because it is a popular new release with a lot of ongoing traction. The game has been positively received by the community and has continued to see high community activity since launch, thanks to the regular update schedule and it’s Early Access nature. With its unique tweak on gameplay, it quickly became one of the top releases of December as seen on GameDiscoverCo and is building a growing player base. 

The Rise of PvE Games

Over the last year or so there has been a noticeable increase in the number of PvE (Player versus Environment – playing with your friends against the AI) games being released. Releases such as Back 4 Blood, Rainbow Six Extraction, and World War Z: Aftermath were new additions to the market in 2021. This increase in new titles, combined with their cooperative nature has resulted in the genre being one of the gaming community’s favourite genre picks. 

Ready Or Not is one of the most recently released games that has been positively received by its players. The game demonstrates the increase in PvE developer quality in the industry today. As provided by GameDiscoverCo, a similar recently released PvE game is ‘Thunder Tier One’. This is a top-down shooter released in December 2021. So far it has received more positive reviews than expected since its release. Thunder Tier One is another example of a game made by a smaller developer and gained a large community of players, due to its unique gameplay and popular genre.

Ready Or Not’s Sound Design Exceeds Expectations

We have used Player XP to analyse thousands of player reviews and feedback to give you in-depth insights in this report. Our findings give you a better understanding of how Ready Or Not’s players truly reacted to the game. One of these insights is the reaction to the game’s immersive and intense experience created through its high-quality sound design.

Ready or Not sentiment score for 'Sound-Design'

The image above shows the sentiment levels for Ready Or Not’s sound design compared to two other tactical fps games. According to their player base, the sound design in Ready Or Not is very high quality and has exceeded expectations. Considering Player XP measures sentiment on a scale from -100 to +100, +84  is an extremely positive sentiment score. This is an important aspect of the game which has impressed players and improved their playing experience.

Negative Feedback After Releases Of New Updates

There was some pre-release hype ahead of the game’s launch, although the most positive reactions came immediately after the release. This implies that the early hours of the game were received very well by players.

Ready Or Not sees sentiment reduction after release of new updates

The graph above shows the sentiment and number of interactions from December 4th 2021 to January 23rd 2022. This shows that over time approximately 2 weeks after its release, there was a reduction in sentiment and more negative feedback being left. During this period VOID had released updates and hotfixes to the game which could have impacted the sentiment of players.

Majority Of Discussions Around The Game’s Performance Are Positive

Various gameplay elements are always highly discussed within games, especially new releases or games still in early access. With many games, feedback towards updates, monetisation and game performance can often be negative. However, this seems to not be the case with Ready Or Not.

Positive sentiment around Ready Or Not game performance

As seen in the graph above, the majority of themes in the game being discussed have a positive sentiment, supporting the ‘Very Positive’ rating it currently has on Steam. Interestingly, the conversation which drives the most positive sentiment in the game is around Updates, although Gameplay has gathered the most number of interactions by far.

See For Yourself

To read our full report on Ready Or Not, click this link to download the report.

Player XP intends to do more reports and articles like this in the future so that we can continue to provide you with insights into the gaming industry and the latest titles that are being developed. We aim to provide detailed and accurate data that gives readers a clearer view of a game’s performance in the market. We write these reports with the hope that they are beneficial for our clients and can influence the development of future projects.