As we move into the new year, we wanted to share a brief preview of some of the features we have come through from our backlog and into Player XP. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and we’re no different. It feels great to be looking ahead at a new year with so many new features planned that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Rather than going through individual features, we wanted to share the main areas of the dashboard experience that we’re looking to improve. Some of these have recently had new features released, others are going to be receiving updates in the coming months that we think you’ll really enjoy.

Quicker / Better Analysis

Given our platform is all about analysing player feedback and community discussion, our number 1 priority is always on how we can surface new insights to you, whilst decreasing the time it takes to locate them when using Player XP.

On that end, one of the main pieces of feedback we’ve heard over the last 12 months when speaking with each of you is around our category system. We know it’s extremely useful to have our categories providing context-related topics and helping you dig into your feedback but we also know that some of them aren’t as useful as they could be, and some get in the way too much.

Taking this feedback into account, soon we’ll be introducing a new set of categories that will allow you to delve deeper into the subjects that matter to you so that it’s easier than ever before to identify player feedback for that specific feature or event running in your game.

Beyond this, we’re also reviewing how we display our category data to you in the dashboard. The first major change for this will be the introduction of a new interactive element within the Data Overview that will sit inside our Most Discussed Category section to help better present the overall sentiment and volume data for your categories whilst also allowing you to dig into specific categories to see what’s being spoken about the most within each category.


On top of working hard to improve the speed and value of the analysis being done on your community discussion, we are also spending a lot of time reviewing how you use our platform and how we can improve the ways Player XP integrates with your team.

You would have seen how we’ve recently introduced new ways to control when and who your weekly summary email is sent, as well as the introduction of features to help you take data from Player XP and add it into your own spreadsheets and presentations. These features are just the beginning of how we improve the way Player XP works with you.

In the coming months, you’ll see a number of new features rollout that aims to introduce individual user accounts and team profiles that allow you greater flexibility with the platform. This will help us better onboard new team members with Player XP, allow you the ability to set up custom email notifications and much more.

More Data!

Finally, we’re always looking at how we can bring even more data through to our platform. You would have seen the first of a big effort in bringing through more data from outside your official channels with the introduction of our YouTube UGC data in our December update. As well as this, we’re currently in the process of reviewing our data connectors to see what additional “outside” data we can bring through to the platform from our current data points, whilst also looking at how best to present this to make sure we aren’t affecting the aggregates in an adverse way.

As well as reviewing our supported connectors, we’re looking to bring in ways for you to integrate any data source on your own through the use of a custom data connector that will allow you to directly hook up Player XP with your own platforms. We’re hoping this will be available in Q1 2021 and will dramatically open up the potential for new data connectors within Player XP.

Of course, these aren’t the only new things being added to Player XP, we’ll continue to share updates through this blog but as always, we welcome any feedback you have on the above, or if you have an idea for a feature that we’re not working on yet.