Understand Your Community With Our Twitch VOD Data Source

Player XP is adding a new data source to our ever-growing list, giving you an even greater insight into the discussion around your game. Twitch is the latest Player XP data source we monitor for comments and interactions related to your game. 

This new data source gives us another way to better provide our service as the community intelligence platform and ensure you see the conversations around your game that are happening in all channels and communities, now including Twitch.

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New Updates to the Player XP Topic Finder

Player XP has been working to update the Topic Finder feature to give you more capability on the dashboard and allow you more customisation when searching for topics in your game. 

These features look to improve your experience and offer you more unique ways to view and analyse your community data.

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Player XP User Registration System

We are incredibly excited to announce the release of the new Player XP User Registration system. This is the new way for users to create accounts on our dashboard and manage your company, teams and games all in one place. 

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April Update – Maintenance To The Platform

Having already released a blog on our Translation Engine earlier this month, this product update may be a bit quieter. However, we’re still bringing this to you to keep you up to date with the Player XP platform and what we’ve done to improve your day-to-day experience using it.

If you haven’t read our article on the release of the Player XP in-house Translation Engine then we suggest checking it out to learn more about the capabilities of this feature and how it can open up new opportunities for your business.

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Six Interesting Talks not to Miss at GDC 2022

This year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) will be held from March 21st to 25th, 2022 in San Francisco, California. The event is returning in 2022 with a huge mix of informative talks, awards, roundtable discussions, and more, by professionals from around the globe. After a short break from in-person events, no boundaries are stopping the vast guest list this year, with a mixture of in-person and virtual appearances throughout the week. With GDC passes for attending both remotely and physically, this year’s event is a must.

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February Update – Updated Line of Best Fit and Fine-Tuning Translation Engine

The second product update of 2022 comes with multiple new features and bug fixes to smooth out your experience of using the platform. We want to ensure the time you spend on Player XP is worthwhile and productive. 

We are also relieved to say that we are fine-tuning the new translation engine for Player XP before its release next month. We have been focusing many hours of our time on making sure this feature gives you a better understanding of the sentiment and discussions taking place in your communities around the world. Our translation engine is going to ‘change the game’.

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2022 January Update – Internal Data Type Release

2021 is now over and we have entered a brand new year. Be excited about 2022 as we strive to continuously build and improve Player XP to provide you with many new features throughout the year. To start 2022 we have updated the platform intending to give you more control and personalisation over your community’s data.

2022 is just beginning and we are preparing some major updates for the rest of the year. This month’s product update includes some smaller features and bug fixes we have made making your experience of using Player XP smoother and more beneficial.

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Player XP Updates 2021 Recap

As we move on from 2021, which was another challenging year for everyone, we recap the more joyful events of the year for Player XP and look forward to achieving much more in 2022. In this article, we will look at the major Player XP updates we made to the platform throughout the year, our biggest achievements of 2021, and what exciting new features we want to introduce in 2022.

Player XP Updates

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