Player XP Auditing

The latest Player XP update includes yet another new feature, this time we introduce Player XP Auditing. With this, you will be able to monitor every change in your company’s Player XP dashboard and see which users in your company have made them.

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Community Breakdown Feature

Player XP has launched a new feature, Community Breakdown, giving you an overview of the members in your community and how it changes in size over time. The Community Breakdown feature can help you understand more about each of your game’s channels and how members’ behaviour varies. This will enable you to monitor all your communities and their sentiment. 

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Toxicity Analysis

Player XP is introducing our latest feature, Toxicity analysis, allowing studios to automatically monitor the well-being of their community and report on player toxicity and safety concerns.

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Player XP Change Detection System (CDS)

The latest new feature we are bringing to you is the Player XP Change Detection System (CDS). This feature helps you keep track of the changes that happen in your community’s data to ensure that you never miss the key insights that can help you improve your game.

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Understand Your Community With Our Twitch VOD Data Source

Player XP is adding a new data source to our ever-growing list, giving you an even greater insight into the discussion around your game. Twitch is the latest Player XP data source we monitor for comments and interactions related to your game. 

This new data source gives us another way to better provide our service as the community intelligence platform and ensure you see the conversations around your game that are happening in all channels and communities, now including Twitch.

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New Updates to the Player XP Topic Finder

Player XP has been working to update the Topic Finder feature to give you more capability on the dashboard and allow you more customisation when searching for topics in your game. 

These features look to improve your experience and offer you more unique ways to view and analyse your community data.

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Player XP User Registration System

We are incredibly excited to announce the release of the new Player XP User Registration system. This is the new way for users to create accounts on our dashboard and manage your company, teams and games all in one place. 

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April Update – Maintenance To The Platform

Having already released a blog on our Translation Engine earlier this month, this product update may be a bit quieter. However, we’re still bringing this to you to keep you up to date with the Player XP platform and what we’ve done to improve your day-to-day experience using it.

If you haven’t read our article on the release of the Player XP in-house Translation Engine then we suggest checking it out to learn more about the capabilities of this feature and how it can open up new opportunities for your business.

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