It’s been a little bit of time since our last update but we’re pleased to share some of the new features that have made their way to the dashboard in its latest update.

Closer Helpdesk Integration

When running a live product like Player XP there are always a number of different areas that could always be improved no matter how much work you put into them and with our latest update, we’ve made a major step forward in one key area – our helpdesk integration. We’re always working on the content inside the helpdesk to provide guides and advice for any new or long-term Player XP users however finding this content has proved difficult for some.

We hope this becomes a lot easier with our latest introduction, our embedded contextual helpdesk. No matter where you are on the site, you should now be able to find help content extremely quickly and easily by selecting the help icon in the top right of your screen.

As well as this, scattered across the dashboard is a new permanent help panel that gives you some handy links to relevant content to the page you’re viewing. We hope this closer helpdesk functionality allows you to easily find what you are looking for and answer any questions you may have!

Additional Functionality for Game Comparison

A few months ago we launched something that we are aiming to become our fourth core feature across the dashboard – alongside the Dynamic Report, Interaction Explorer & Topic Finder – the Game Comparison feature. Within this dedicated area, we want to give you a wide range of tools to understand how your title stacks up against its competitors.

To begin with, we’ve been mostly focused on giving you an easy way to view how core parts of your game compare against its rivals but after last months introduction of the Shared Communities feature, we’ve started to see a positive reaction from our users who love to have the ability to dig into (and still keep a top-level view of) their competitors.

To continue with the development of this new core feature, we’re introducing a range of new features specifically aimed at giving you more ability to work with the Sentiment Comparison element. Alongside a more streamlined UI, you now have the ability to remove specific sources from comparison, set a threshold for the volume of interactions needed to display a comparison and hide specific categories inside the results.

We feel the introduction of these additional features help progress the Game Comparison tool towards being an essential part of the Player XP experience. We have more changes planned in the future for this feature that we’re really excited about.

New Modal Layouts

As a team that is regularly releasing updates, sometimes we like to go back and refresh how something looks and feels to use to ensure the highest quality experience is had by all of our users. As part of the new update, we’ve gone back and reviewed all of our modals (internal popups) that appear throughout the dashboard and given them a refresh.

We hope the new design is easier to use and more friendly on the eye on the last set of layouts.

Topic Finder Source Filtering

Being able to dig through your data inside the dashboard and reach the comments that matter the most to you is an essential part of the Player XP experience, and we’re always reviewing and adjusting what can be done with our existing tools & features.

One feature we’ve reviewed and adjusted as part of this update is our Topic Finder, which now allows you to apply a filter to both the Trending Topics and the search engine itself to filter out specific sources. This is a great way to get an easy view of which communities are contributing to certain conversations and to track specific discussion points in a more flexible manner.

Topic Finder

Additional Changes

Alongside all of the above, we’ve also made a number of small changes across the dashboard, they are:

  • Update Topic Table data exports to include the recently introduced Topic Over Time chart data
  • Added “All Time” option to Topic Finder Trending Topics area
  • Added a new chart to Topic page to show Topic comparison vs Competitors
  • Updated our Featured Games list to include more diverse titles for games that have no competitor set
  • Update Topic Table “Topic Over Time” data to show volume over time instead of % of specific period.
  • Added on-screen feedback to Sentiment Sliders

We’re always looking for ways to improve Player XP and we hope some of these help you when using the dashboard to understand your community response.

If you would like to see a wider look at what we’re planning to add in the future, you can check out our Public Roadmap. If there is something missing that you think would make a valuable addition, please do share it with us via Slack or email.