Player XP has launched a new feature, Community Breakdown, giving you an overview of the members in your community and how it changes in size over time. The Community Breakdown feature can help you understand more about each of your game’s channels and how members’ behaviour varies. This will enable you to monitor all your communities and their sentiment. 

Player XP aims to help you better manage your community and bridge the gap between a studio and its players. With the Community Breakdown feature, studios can do this by monitoring every channel and analysing metrics on different types of members in the community, from new and intermittent players to the most consistent and active.

Using the Player XP dashboard, a range of graphs show how much your community has grown in a selected period, and how many players that community lost in the same period. You also receive a sentiment score for each source, which you can explore to view more granular data for a specific source. We introduced the Community Breakdown feature because it can provide highly coveted insights from your community that can help your studio identify the biggest engagement channels for your game and address concerns in each source to maintain a strong studio & community relationship.

Community Breakdown feature

You can also use Sentiment Drivers to identify and analyse the most positively and negatively discussed topics in your community, giving you a better idea of what topics in your game could be behind positive or negative sentiment and allowing you to resolve issues. Finally, Audience Type Segmentation provides a breakdown of the types of members in your community, so you can see the sentiment and volume of all members in your community, whether that be one-time members, regular members, or your game’s biggest fans. 

As with many of our features, Player XP aims to provide use and insight for all roles within a business, however, this feature focuses primarily on Community Managers and helps them get closer to their community and understand what they are saying about the game. 

The Community Breakdown feature is available now on the dashboard for all Player XP clients. Get in touch via email for more information or check out our Helpdesk where you can find content to help you get started with the feature.