We have had this update in the works for a while and we are excited to finally release the latest addition to the Player XP dashboard. We have introduced the new Player XP Roadmap! Keep reading to see how you can monitor future Player XP updates and influence which updates we prioritise first…

Visual Roadmap

Player XP Roadmap

The new visual roadmap shows all of the updates that we have introduced in 2022, what we are currently working on, and what is planned for the rest of the year. The icons you see on the roadmap represent each Player XP update.  When you click on these icons it will show you the name of the update and when it went live or is expected to be released. You can use the link provided on the released updates to read our blog on the feature and learn how your team can use it.

We have split the year into 4 quarters, labelled as Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. Q1 covers January to March, Q2 is April to June, Q3 is July to September, and Q4 is October to December. This can help you understand when in the year updates on our roadmap were released or are expected to be released. You can use the buttons in the top left of your screen to jump to the first update of each quarter, the quarter you are viewing will be highlighted orange. 

The icons that are filled orange are currently live on Player XP, and icons on the right of the roadmap that are blank are expected later in the year. The icon in the centre of your screen with an orange to blue gradient is the current update we are working on and will be next to go live on the dashboard. You can use the arrows at each side of the screen to skip up or down the roadmap.


Voting System

With the roadmap, we are introducing a voting system that allows you to vote for or against the update being prioritised first. When you click on expected updates, you can use the green and red thumb icons to vote on which updates you want to be prioritised. Downvoting an update tells us that you do not want us to prioritise the update and instead want to see another update next. Upvoting an update tells us that you want it to be prioritised and released in the next update. When you submit a vote, the necessary thumb icon will enlarge to confirm you have voted. 

If an update next on the roadmap receives lots of downvotes, we will push it back and look to prioritise other updates that have received more upvotes. The voting system helps us understand what the majority of you want to see next from Player XP so we can prioritise building and releasing those updates as soon as possible ahead of other updates. 


Check out our new visual roadmap and use the voting system to let us know what updates you are excited to see. Contact us via email or Slack if you have any questions about upcoming updates, or have suggestions for features to add to the Player XP roadmap.