We’ve been continuing to plough on during this difficult period and we’re happy to share this month’s product update. A lot of work has been taking place behind the scenes for Player XP. Hopefully, you would have seen that the dashboard is now snappier and quicker to use. In terms of features and usability, as always we’ve been improving UX across the platform. We have also released a couple of really interesting features! We think they will help your speed-to-insight time, discoverering key positive and negative feedback towards your game.

Finding the Bad amongst the Good

One of the key metrics we look to monitor here at Player XP is your ‘speed-to-insight’. This means, how quickly it takes you to find something new and interesting about your game that you’ve never seen before. With our latest introduction, we think we may have cut that time even further!

So let’s picture a common scenario for many of you when using Player XP – your game has an overall positive sentiment, it’s improving over time and the volume of community activity taking place across your channels is going up – all is right in the world (apart from the obvious!). Well… what about those players who are still encountering issues? Previously, to find their complaints you would have to head into the Interaction Explorer, set the sentiment filter to negative, and start to read through the comments. That’s now changed with our latest addition. Now you’ll simply just have to navigate to anywhere where a Topic Table (Topic Finder or any Channel/Category page) is and simply adjust the sentiment toggle to see what’s not quite working for that part of your community.

speed-to-insight sentiment toggle

It’s super straightforward to use and when you navigate through to any Topic inside the table, the filter continues so you can really start to dive into what’s going on.

Fixes & Improvements aiding ‘speed-to-insight’

Beyond the above, we’ve also added a similar filter when you are looking at any specific User Review page. You can now filter based on data specific to that source. This data can be similar to star rating or whether the user is recommending a game in their review or not. To explore those filters, navigate to the User Review channel page, and then select a specific source from your Source Breakdown element. It’s great for discovering some of the reasons players leave negative scores or how different the discussion is for players who leave 2 or 3-star reviews.

As always, we’ve continued to fix issues we find as well as making small improvements to the way you interact with the dashboard. The bigger changes this month include ensuring the Topic page behaves properly when you are performing a custom search through the Topic Finder. We have fixed multiple terms and a small issue where the Most Recent Mentions area on the Topic page was ignoring the date range filter. All of these changes and the new features detailed above are now live within the platform to improve your ‘speed-to-insight’.

Coming Soon – Category Customisation & Added Helpdesk Content (Videos!)

Finally, we’re always keen to share what’s coming down the line. The team is actively now working on adding more customisation features including the ability to build custom categories (as well as being able to isolate specific categories away from your aggregate data). We’ve also got a blog post coming soon sharing some key links to video guides. Each one will show how to use Player XP,  making it even easier to bring new team members into the platform.

If you would like to see a wider look at what we’re planning to add in the future, check out our Public Roadmap. If there is something missing that you think would make a valuable addition, please do share it with us via Slack or email.