Whilst we’re still not back together in person, the Player XP team has continued to work hard to build upon last month’s new features. New to June 2020 we have introduced a vast amount of small changes and improvements across the dashboard. As with all of our work, we’re always looking at ways to improve your experience using the dashboard. We hope the latest round of quality of life enhancements continue to push things forward.

Listening To You

We’ve been running a number of our one-on-one client catch-up sessions over the past couple of months. As always, we thank you for the feedback you’ve provided us. Many of the small suggestions have already made their way into the new June 2020 dashboard. Bigger new additions will be coming in the near future.

One of these changes that we feel will go a long way is something that we’ve wanted to add for a long time – date interval selection on all charts. Previously, the dashboard took the lead when selecting how to present data over time. However, with our latest update, you can now select how you view data to see the data from day through to year.

New June 2020 Data Viewing

We’ve also introduced a small tweak to the Remove Topic feature. We found the former system could be a little over-bearing as it completely removes the Topic from all aggregations. Sometimes it’s better to just hide it from a Significant Terms cloud or Topic list. To assist with this, we’ve added a ‘Hide Topic’ feature that simply hides the Topic but doesn’t affect any aggregations.

You can unhide any Topic from within your Hub page just like Removed Topics.

Further Changes

  • Added auto-complete to the Save Topic dialogue and add keyboard controls to confirm the action.
  • Added Neutral bandings back into the Significant Terms clouds.
  • Included a Star Rating Topic Filter to the Topic Table within the User Reviews page when viewing games that only have mobile storefront data.
  • Changed a number of labels throughout the dashboard to make things clearer.
  • Added a name field to the Share function.
  • All sources now appear on the channel page rather than just the ones with data.
  • Added All Time Sentiment into the Topic overview to allow for easier comparison on performance to be made.
  • Automatically hide the platform aggregation on the Hub when only one platform is available for the game.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Player XP and we hope you like the latest round of improvements. Keep an eye out at the bottom of the Community Hub page for our update next month, we’ll be looking to improve the visibility of our help content and make it easier for you to onboard colleagues onto the dashboard.

If you would like to see a wider look at what we’re planning to add in the future, you can check out our Public Roadmap. If there is something missing that you think would make a valuable addition, please do share it with us via Slack or email.