From today (Wednesday, 8th April) onwards, you will see a change in how your sentiment scores are calculated across the Player XP dashboard. This is being driven by a number of changes we’ve put in place to help increase accuracy and provide greater visibility on the differences between certain scores. This will affect all ongoing data and all previously processed historic data.

In the past, it was quite uncommon for the system to categorise certain interactions as neutral. Based on feedback from users, we’ve now changed this to greater increase the number of comments to fall inside the neutral banding. We hope that by introducing this change now, you’ll be able to easier identify key positive and negative feedback within your online communities.

We’re also making a change to the way sentiment is calculated on our topics. Previously you may have noticed a small disconnect between your overall, source or category sentiment scores and the scores assigned to topics. With our new sentiment system, you should see a greater correlation between the two making it easier to identify the topics that are contributing the most to your aggregated scores.

Finally, as part of the recent retraining of our AI sentiment system, you should find greater accuracy in the sentiment system when reviewing individual comments. Looking at the previous version vs the new system, often certain terms were being classified as either negative and positive when they shouldn’t have been. Special thanks go to the users who have previously flagged individual comments as this really helped influence our reprocessing efforts.

We’re very excited to roll out the new sentiment system and you should see the new system in place straight away. You’ll also see a few of our new features present in the latest dashboard update, we’ll be writing more about them soon but if you have any queries about the new functionality please do reach out to us.

Stay tuned for more articles in the coming weeks detailing some of the new features being introduced.


Please note, any weekly activity email you have already received will have used the previous sentiment system.