Player XP is excited to announce we are going to be delivering hands-on training on our dashboard to all users of Player XP. We understand with the number of features and customisation options on our dashboard, it can sometimes be confusing to use, especially as a new user. Therefore, we are going to be delivering a programme of free training to our clients so you are more familiar with the platform and able to use any dashboard feature for the maximum benefit of your studio. 

There are many ways in which we aim to deliver training to our clients. These include platform demos, training series episodes, email newsletters and the Player XP training manuals. Our plan to deliver all of these is explained in this blog. 

Training Manuals

The Player XP training manuals have been created to help you set up your team and company game(s) on the Player XP dashboard and familiarise yourself with the features at your disposal. We have three training manuals for different levels of user – New User, Advanced User and Admin User. The Training Manuals are the most granular level of training we have for Player XP.

These manuals take you through the features relevant to the level of experience you have on the dashboard and your objectives for using Player XP. They include descriptions of what the features are used for and concise instructions on how to use them. Example imagery of each feature in use is also provided in the manuals.

New User Manual

The New User manual is an introduction to the dashboard that provides an overview of the basic capabilities and areas of the dashboard which our clients can use to evaluate their data. This includes the Hub page, the Data Overview and the Dynamic Report. As it says in the name, the New User manual is targeted toward users with little experience using the platform. 

This manual focuses on the features in the Dynamic Report of the dashboard and provides you with assistance using them. Demonstrations of each feature are provided with imagery to show you how you can see your data and use the available toggles to customise how you use the features. Features such as the Over Time graphs, Sentiment Drivers and Talking Points are essential on our platform so we want to ensure you understand and are comfortable using them to evaluate your data. We also show you how you can create custom categories, isolate categories and export data.

Advanced User Manual

The Advanced User manual focuses on a more granular, in-depth analysis of your data. This manual is targeted toward more experienced users who have used the more basic features and are ready to learn about our more advanced features. This focuses on the Topic Finder, Interaction Explorer and Game Comparison. The Interaction Explorer has many uses and options which allow you to customise the data that you see. The manual guides you through how to analyse the comments in the Interaction Explorer and how using the filters provided affects the data that is shown. 

You will also learn how to use the Topic Finder to search for specific topics in your game and how you can use the Game Comparison to compare the sentiment of topics with your competitor titles. This includes training on saving topics, reporting interactions and Audience Segmentation in Player XP.

Admin User Manual

The Admin manual is targeted toward users who have admin access to the Player XP dashboard. This is usually a Company or Team admin. The Admin manual is less focused on the use of features on the dashboard and more focused on setting up your games and teams on Player XP. We demonstrate how you can use our customisation settings to optimise the dashboard so it complements your needs. We allow our clients’ customisability in the dashboard to change the way our sentiment and semantics work through reporting methods to fit your needs.  

The main points discussed in this manual are Company Accessibility, Dashboard Customisation, Default Categories Customisation, Email Management, Data Management and Discord Integration. In this manual, you will learn how to set up all these features so that your team can use the dashboard at any time and Player XP can help your studio achieve its objectives. Discord Integration is something we want to ensure you receive training on so that we can integrate our bot into your Discord community’s servers and monitor this as an internal source for data.


Training Series Episodes

Player XP is introducing a new series of articles onto the dashboard which we are calling “episodes”. These will be training articles that summarise the content you will find in the Training Manuals. We aim to make them less technical and easier for users to find quick training on a specific feature or area of the dashboard which you may need assistance with. 

We will have episodes that cover the New, Advanced and Admin User manuals as well as episodes that address client queries related to dashboard features. The episodes will cover the same content as their corresponding manual. They may not include every feature or customisation setting that is mentioned in the manuals but they will focus more on the major features that will help you understand the basics of Player XP and gather useful insights from your data. 

These episodes will be titled and in order of the user level in which you may need them on the Player XP Hub page. As mentioned earlier, these episodes are being introduced to make it easier and quicker for you to find training for the feature you need. Imagery of each feature that is being explained will also be included in the articles much like in the Training Manuals.


Player XP Email Newsletter

We plan to provide dashboard training in newsletters. We will liaise with you before training to get a better understanding of what your needs are, such as reasons for using Player XP, features you’re interested in, games you want to focus on and end goals for using Player XP. This will be communicated through calls/demos with you or questionnaires. We can then use this information to tailor the email training articles to your needs so the emails will be useful to you and you can share them across your teams.

The newsletters will be delivered to you either in order of episodes as you familiarise yourself more with the dashboard, or if you request training on a specific feature or page of the dashboard. We can customise our emails to your requests so you receive training to your inbox which you can refer to as much as you need and will be tailored to your company and game. 

The newsletters will also include images and short videos of a member of our team using a feature for which you requested training. This is to help make your training as easy as possible so you have clear instructions to follow when using the feature you need.


Player XP Demos

The most robust and direct training we offer, we will deliver demos to our clients over a call that show you how to use features of the dashboard for which you require training. Similarly to the episodes and newsletters, we will get the information we need from you and tailor your training demos around specific features which would benefit your team. 

This allows us to talk you through dashboard features as we show you what the features do, how your team can use them and the customisation you have around the features. Visual demonstration can be easier to train clients on a feature which they may be using frequently. It is likely to engage our clients more than articles as we can confer with you and answer your questions as we demonstrate Player XP.



Finally, the Player XP Helpdesk has many articles available to you which you can check out now to learn more about the capabilities you have on the dashboard. We have articles on the Dynamic Report, Topic Finder, Interaction Explorer, Data Sources and more around Dashboard Customisation. You can visit our Helpdesk to check out any of these articles if you are currently unsure of what these features are.

Thank you for reading about the release of our new training methods. We hope your team will find this useful and help you become more comfortable using the Player XP dashboard. We want to ensure you experience the full capabilities of our platform and use each feature toward achieving your goals.

You can contact us via email or Slack with any questions you may have, or if you want to suggest features you would like to see added to Player XP in the future.