We are very pleased to announce that the latest version of Player XP, v1.2.1, has now gone live. We’ve added several great new features, and improved upon some existing ones.

Subject Search

We added the Subject Search feature back in v1.2.0. This handy tool allows you to generate your own topic using custom terms. We’ve refined it since its initial release, as well as improved the look of its menu options.


We’ve fixed two minor bugs that altered the position of the Hub’s pagination element, and sorted results retrieved by the interaction explorer in an unusual way.

Interaction Explorer

The Interaction Explorer’s keyword search is now capable of searching for specific post/thread titles instead of just within the text of the comments in that post/thread. We’ve also made some minor changes to the Interaction Explorer’s page layout.

Modal changes

When you open the Explore button in the Interaction Explorer to see all the comments, you can now filter those comments by category and topic, by clicking on one of the categories/topics shown above the Recent Activity graph. You can also perform a keyword search within that filtered data.

Aggregate topic counts

We now display the top five categories for your Interaction Explorer searches, giving you details of what can be found within, as well as the top 3 topics to be found within those categories. All you need to do is click the Show Category Counts button on the right side of the page.

Sentiment Flag System

If you believe that there is something incorrect about the sentiment or topic that an interaction has been given by the system, you can now mark that interaction and our admins will review it. Any interaction that is flagged within the system is reviewed by our team and if found to be a correct flag, will contribute to the Machine Learning system to help improve accuracy for your titles over time.

Improved Topics System

The way that our topics tables work has been updated. We found that the rate our topics were being identified wasn’t as high as we would like so we put a lot of time and effort into finding another, better method to identify topics and we have now implemented a new system that not only shows a higher recall rate but also identifies more emerging topics. Trending topics have also been added to Channel pages, which was a frequently-requested addition and we’ve been making changes around the surfacing of these channel-specific topics.

As always, we are constantly working diligently to improve Player XP and have more features in the pipeline as you’re reading this. For our 1.2.2 update though, we’ll be focusing on further improving the experience of using the Player XP dashboard and will be introducing a series of Quality of Life upgrades.