We’re very pleased to announce that our latest update, v1.2.2, is now live and available in the dashboard. The main focus of this update has been primarily on tidying up and introducing a few quality of live improvements but we have introduced a couple of new major features…

Significant Terms Word-Cloud

One of the great benefits of Player XP is in the ability to refine down player feedback to a specific subject through the use of our Topic and Subject Search systems. Because of this, we’re always looking to improve the way you interact with the results presented within the Topic page and this update contains a big improvement to the Word Cloud technology being used. Gone is the overlapping words and limited results – the new lightweight system allows for a much greater level of detail to be returned within the Significant Terms system.

Coupled with a more refined ‘Mentions’ area to the right, where the individual sentences containing the term are shown instead of the whole Interaction (you still have the ability to read the whole interaction), this feature has levelled up 🙂

Source Analysis

When talking with new and existing users, we always describe our Dynamic Report section of the dashboard as a system that signposts insights and feedback from your communities. However, this previously only went so far as users could not separate and review individual sources in depth. The good news is that with version 1.2.2, you now can.

Want to look at the general reception from your Twitter community, completely possible. Found an interesting topic that has split the community, you can now view the exact comments, sentiment & volume over time and significant terms used around the topic just for that one different data source.

Interaction Explorer Improvements

One of the most powerful features of the Player XP tool is the ability to dive into the data in any way you want. You can view aggregations or separate the data however you would like. One of the best ways to do this is the Interaction Explorer, however, as one of our initial set of features, we found some of the UX and integration choices around the Interaction Explorer needed improving.

Therefore, as part of the 1.2.2 update, we’ve rewritten the Interaction Explorer and you’ll find a number of improvements introduced to improve your experience using the feature, it’s also quicker at loading data now so it should be even easier to identify key threads or comments from your players.

As mentioned above, there are lots of other improvements that have been made to both the front of Player XP and behind the scenes. A full list of the changes going live as part of 1.2.2 can be found at the bottom of this article.

What’s Next?

So far 2020 has been a time to reflect and talk with you about what you would like to see introduced to Player XP in the near and long term future. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve now planned our next release (v1.2.3) and the team are already working hard to introduce some of the new changes – including email notifications and better sharing of results.

You’ll start to see some of these updates make their way into the platform over the coming weeks and your account managers will keep you updated when they are ready for review.

Finally, we’re always keen to capture user feedback on where we are going and as such, we’ve created a public roadmap for you to review. You can find the roadmap here and whilst some things may change, we hope this gives you a good idea of what’s coming soon…

Version 1.2.2 changelog

  • Introduced new Source Analysis page to help provide aggregations and other charts for individual sources
  • Show Significant Terms on Source Analysis page when there is no Topic List available (when navigated to from a Topic page)
  • Changed the Latest Change element on the Hub page
  • Changed the position of Game title on the full screen version of the date picker
  • Fixed issue where Per Platform aggregation on Hub page was only showing last 30 days score
  • Introduced a new Date Picker with greater ability to jump between years
  • Fixed issue with new Date Picker when viewed on tablet or small screen
  • Fixed positioning of radio buttons not being centered on Interaction Explorer
  • Fixed issue with Date argument formatting in certain edge cases
  • Refactored the word cloud system across the website to better aggregate terms together.
  • Reworked the queries behind the ‘Last 7 days’ & ‘Last 30 days’ Significant Terms area on the Subject Search page to better display ‘trending’ topics
  • Changed Significant Terms to show the sentence the term selected exists within and add expansion to popup when wanting to look at whole Interaction
  • Removed Source Analysis page warning icon
  • Added Cookie to Interaction Explorer to remember selected channels and Sort By selections between page loads
  • Replaced Interaction Explorers Category and Topic filters with easier to use drop-down menu’s
  • Removed Game title from tooltip when hovering over points in sentiment graph on Data Overview
  • Updated Interaction Explorers sentiment slider to feature a neutral line and emote
  • Added ability for users to navigate directly to the Interaction Explorer (with source filter applied) by clicking on a Source icon on the Hub page
  • Added a toggle on the Hub page to allow for easy lookup at change over the last 30 days and all time