We’ve just finished putting the final touches into our 1.2 update to the Player XP dashboard. With this update, we believe you’ll have greater levels of flexibility with your player discussion data than ever before.

One major new feature included in this latest update is our new ‘Subject Search’ feature (as seen above). This feature allows you to search for any topic about your game, view the comments associated but more importantly track activity over time through the Player XP visualisation graphics. This system can work as a part of a pre-determined category or across all of your data so if you are looking for a custom view of a very specific element of your game – this feature is for you.

Beyond the Subject Search, we’ve made a number of improvements across the experience, ranging from streamlining the process of identifying key insights through to allowing you to delve deeper into specific threads inside your online community and social data. With the latest version of Player XP, you can read every single comment, tweet or post within the dashboard – no more jumping out to an external website. You can also apply any one of our Interaction Explorers filters to your data to drill down even further.

We’re always working hard to make sure your experience using Player XP is an easy, yet valuable one and these changes are just a part of what’s coming in the near future. We’ll be posting more soon, sharing some early looks at the exciting functionality making its way to Player XP over the next few months.