Millions of comments are being posted on message boards, social media, video content, and storefronts every day. Being able to track discussions towards your game has become an important requirement for anyone wanting to release and run a live game successfully.

Player XP is the leading player sentiment platform that is used daily by studios around the world. It enables studios to monitor and analyse player feedback across their marketing and sales channels. Built for the games industry, Player XP understands ‘player-speak’ and helps you identify and monitor community sentiment around the web.

The Benefits

Optimise the Feedback Loop

Many studios have a good idea of the sentiment of their hardcore community. Yet, understanding the wider opinion of their game is something that is often beyond most. Taking player data from social platforms, message boards, video comments, and user reviews, Player XP can centralize all of that data into one platform. This saves you time and increases the resource needed to understand the reaction to new content, patches, and communication with your community.

Player XP Cycle

Use Player XP to Dig Deeper

Not only does Player XP monitor a wide range of channels automatically, but by bringing it all together Player XP can help you do the deep dive needed to understand what matters the most to your community. This in turn reveals specific feedback to various parts of your game and service.

Want to know what the biggest issues affecting your mainly positive community are? Player XP can help find the most consistent issues experienced by players in seconds. Wish you could track changes in balancing or comparing how your post-release content is being received? Go beyond standard social media monitoring solutions, and easily find the comments that matter the most.

Building a 360-degree customer view

Player XP can be combined directly with your internal CSAT and customer support data. This will help to provide you with a full 360-degree customer experience view. The targeted sentiment analysis supports any form of free-text data. It also allows for a combination of internal and external data to be processed through the platform. Using data from Player XP, mapping the customer journey, and understanding pain points have never been easier.

360 degrees of Player XP

Unified Community Reporting

Often our clients have a great view of one of their main sources or have dedicated teams across individual games.  When they try to bring their reports together in a way that can easily be shared across the whole organisation, they struggle.

By introducing Player XP, your teams have a single point of reference, with key metrics visible across any part of the platform. Plus, it can build reports directly through the website.

Tracking New Metrics

Compiling an enriching data stack that can be relied upon by the whole team is one of the key tasks for anyone building and managing a successful live game. With Player XP you can easily introduce KPI’s for player sentiment, community activity, community size, and many more metrics into your data.

Monitoring these metrics can help you understand the link between issues in your game and the overall satisfaction within your digital communities.

Learn More Today

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