In this article, we will update you on how clients and users can make change requests for the dashboard and provide us with feedback which we use to improve the platform and make updates that better your experience using Player XP. 

We are always looking to make improvements to our dashboard so we can provide you with more features and useful insights. We use your feedback to make updates to the dashboard that provide you with more features to analyse your data and allow you to customise the platform’s visualisation to suit your preferences. This is to ensure your studio is getting the most out of Player XP.

What We Do With Your Change Requests

Our clients and Player XP users can submit change requests and provide feedback to us via email and Slack. This can include changes you want to see on the dashboard, changes to your personal or company information, issues you have found, and suggestions for new additions to the platform such as new features and customisation options. After we receive your feedback we will review the appropriate suggestions you have made and evaluate if they would improve the dashboard and benefit all users, not just one specific user.

We will work to deliver the improvements you have suggested so your team can get the best use out of Player XP and use the change to draw useful insights from the data we provide. If you have provided feedback on an existing feature or found a bug in the platform we will address the raised issue and work on the improvement to be made in our update for that month. After you submit a change request about the dashboard’s customisation or visualisation, we will communicate with you to identify the requested changes and why they would benefit your team and other users. 

Suggestions for new features will also be reviewed and evaluated if they are worth the time to implement and would benefit all dashboard users. New features need to be trialled and staged for review so that they are functional and provide useful insight into your data when they are released to the live website. As with other updates and changes we make to the platform, new features will be included in that month’s edition of the product update which is usually released toward the end of each month.


Roadmap of Updates

Currently, you can view all of our previous updates to the platform right from the beginning of Player XP on our website. In the “Insights & Updates” tab at the top of your screen, you can see all blogs & articles published by Player XP. In these articles, you can find all insights blogs, product updates & more, or use the “Product Updates” tab on this page to see all of our previous updates in the series. 

We are planning to release a new Roadmap of our updates which will allow you to track recent updates we have made to Player XP and what updates you can expect to see soon. This can help you identify what upcoming updates could benefit your team and what updates are still yet to be suggested. This could then impact what suggestions and change requests you make and you can monitor on the roadmap which updates will include these new features and when they are expected to be released. 


Player XP Welcomes Your Feedback

Player XP is welcoming of your feedback and change requests as we want to continue to improve the platform and ensure that our users find it useful and can utilise it easily. Contact us via email or Slack to make any suggestions for new features you would like to see added to the dashboard, or submit a change request if you want to make a change to your Hub Page or company details on Player XP. 

We are working to improve how we provide support by offering you more ways to give us feedback and submit official change requests. On the new dashboard, coming soon, we will be adding a new page that allows you to submit feedback about any feature on the dashboard, and you will be able to submit official change requests, give your reasons and talk with members of our team. 

Thank you for reading, we hope this gives you an insight into how you can provide us feedback, what’s to come soon from Player XP, and how we use your suggestions to improve the dashboard. We encourage you to get in touch and give us some feedback if there is anything on the dashboard you think could be improved.