Translation Beta Release

After months of preparation, we can release the new Player XP in-house Translation Engine. For its initial release, this tool will only be available in Beta Early Access. The Translation Engine is trained using games specific terminology so it can provide you with more insight into how your game is being perceived by your players and communities around the world.

This article takes you through the benefits of this tool and how you can view all of your global data in one place on the Player XP dashboard.

What Can It Do For You?

The Player XP Translation Engine helps us to analyse feedback from your communities worldwide. It translates interactions in foreign languages that we gather from your global sources; such as Twitter, Facebook, Steam, Reddit, Google Play and many more. Once this data has been translated clearly and any “gamer-speak” in the comment has been identified, our platform will find feedback that is ‘constructive’ and perform sentiment analysis. This data will be displayed in your game on the dashboard, fully translated and analysed to provide you with useful insights.

We can set up to monitor your data sources in different languages so that you never miss an interaction from your global player base. You can benefit from this using the ‘Sources’ table in the Dynamic Report of your game. This will show all of the different languages you have data in, including the number of interactions and the average sentiment for each language. This will give you an idea of how your international communities are reacting to your game before doing a deep dive examination.

Sources & Language Table

From here you can go into the language that you select and see a complete overview of the data in that language. You can find the overall sentiment, volume of interactions, sentiment drivers, channel data and talking points of your selected language. This data will help you to identify areas within your game that are reacted to negatively by your global communities. To find this, click the globe icon next to ‘Sources’ on the table.

Translation Icon

The benefit of this tool is the interactions are translated and displayed for you on the dashboard with sentiment analysis. This saves you time & effort so you can go into the dashboard at any time and use the data you see to plan improvements to your game – everything else is handled by us. It’s never been so easy to see the reaction on a global scale to your game along with such an accurate analysis of feedback from your players!

Languages in Translation Engine

Languages Available…So Far

French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Italian have passed our rigorous acceptance criteria for the Translation Engine. Looking ahead we are setting up Polish, Arabic, Korean and Mandarin to be added to the Translation Engine so your communities can be heard.. 

We will continue to add new languages to our Translation Engine so even more of your community data is available for analysis. We want to give you a deeper insight into the complete global sentiment of your game and player base – no matter where your players are in the world.


If you want to know more about how you can utilise our platform we suggest checking out our Helpdesk. You can also contact us via slack or email if you have any queries or suggestions.

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