The Community Intelligence Platform

Gain a complete view of your online communities, react quicker and make decisions based on all of your player feedback from message boards, user reviews, and social data - all in a fully interactive dashboard.

Mediatonic Games
Star Stable
Coffee Stain Studios
Good Shepherd Entertainment
Mediatonic Games
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Keyword Studios
Offworld Industries
The Multiplayer Group
Hutch Games
"A major benefit is being able to finally report on Discord and other forum channels we operate, which have historically been impossible to report on using traditional sentiment analysis platforms."
Hutch Games
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“Player XP is the most powerful tool we’ve seen on the market to provide those deep insights to better inform strategic decisions within Community Management and development.”
Dovetail Games
Dovetail Games
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"Player XP has provided Paradox with reliable research and analysis over several years. They have been a flexible and accurate partner, providing many useful insights."
Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive
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Online Community Aggregation & Analysis

Player XP makes it easy to monitor and evaluate your community posts & comments. We transform the unstructured text into a form that allows for deep analysis and tracking across all of your teams.


Player XP harnesses the power of Machine Learning to monitor and analyse player feedback from across the web. We bring all of your community posts and comments into one feature-rich dashboard.

Not only do we monitor your social channels, message boards and user reviews 24/7, but we also help you eliminate the noise to identify the subjects that matter the most to your community.

With Player XP, you can increase your community visibility whilst also ensuring your reporting quality remains extremely high.


By introducing Player XP’s industry-focused sentiment analysis to your team, you also benefit from a standardised reporting metric. This allows you to measure player satisfaction easily and see the impact of changes over time, consistently across your titles.

Player XP’s world-class sentiment system is trained on millions of pieces of games feedback. This allows for a deep understanding of the way players talk when they talk about games online.

If you are managing multiple titles at one time, Player XP makes it extremely easy to introduce a standard method of reporting. You can conduct direct comparisons between yours and your rivals titles.


Remove the chance of a single negative response impacting the way your team view your game. Player XP gives them a way to track player satisfaction across your titles in a fair, and accurate manner.

You can combine Player XP’s easy to use dashboard and its wide coverage of your community channels to provide your team with more insight. Player XP can provide you with a fair way of understanding the health of your game beyond sales activity and in-game telemetry.

Remove the risk of your team focusing too heavily on a single channel and ensure everyone understands the actual pain points of your players.

Reaction Coverage

All stages of your games life cycle from research to post launch bug fixes and ongoing updates can be monitored by Player XP.


  • Marketing Impact
  • Community Building
  • Feature Anticipation
  • Alpha/Beta Release


  • Game Modes
  • Design & Mechanics
  • Campaigns & Objectives
  • Art Style & Graphics
  • Bugs & Issues
  • Multiplayer
  • Online Infrastructure
  • Developer Reaction
  • Genre & Franchise Comparison


  • Community Engagement
  • Player Support
  • Update Reception
  • Monetization
  • Content Releases


Monitor Any Channel

Compare different channels against each other to see if certain communities or platforms are having unique issues.

Real-Time Dashboard

All of your games presented inside a single live dashboard, built to allow for deep dives and quick review.

Built For Games

Understands the structure in which players leave feedback including games specific language.


Get going immediately with no need for any integration into your games. No unique code necessary.

Fully Customisable

Track feedback for Levels, Characters & Game Modes. Tailor the visualization to your teams needs.

Easy To Use

Player XP's friendly user interface means you don't have to be a data analyst to be able to use our platform.