Automated Customer & Community Intelligence

Player XP offers you a new way to monitor player feedback from your Online Communities, Storefront User Reviews and Social Data. Make data driven decisions and monitor the impact of changes to your titles in one central location.


Player Feedback Aggregation & Analysis

For the first time ever, bring all of your player feedback into one place. Player XP makes it easy to take control of your feedback data, transforming the unstructured into a form that allows for deep analysis and tracking across all of your teams.


Player XP has been built specifically for the games industry and utilises over 70 million individual posts and reviews about a wide ranging set of games.

This allows the platform to automatically identify and group player feedback, allowing you to remove the noise and focus on the feedback that matters.

With Player XP, you can take a data driven approach to driving changes inside your game.

Smarter Player Engagement

Smarter Player Engagement

As well as providing the top level groupings of your player feedback, Player XP also highlights the consistent topics being discussed inside the long form content.

This allows you to easily find discussion around certain features, measure the overall response to new features and find specific comments to respond to.


By introducing Player XP to your community engagement, QA or release approach, you are also introducing a measureable metric in the form of player sentiment and discussion volume.

Combine these metrics with topics, groupings or any other collected meta data (playtime, star rating etc…) to track via an online dashboard or regular reports how effective your changes really are.

Measure Change Effectiveness
Interaction Explorer


Through a combination of Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing, Player XP automatically identifies any issues your players are having with your game.

Player posts and reviews are collected and processed regularly, allowing you to quickly spot any new problems arising before they damage your star ratings and recommendation percentages.

Omni-Channel Monitoring

Works with a varied range of sources.

Additional data sources available upon request including Official Forums.

Reaction Coverage

All stages of your games life cycle from research to post launch bug fixes and ongoing updates can be monitored by Player XP.


  • Marketing Impact
  • Community Building
  • Feature Anticipation
  • Alpha/Beta Release


  • Game Modes
  • Design & Mechanics
  • Campaigns & Objectives
  • Art Style & Graphics
  • Bugs & Issues
  • Multiplayer
  • Online Infrastructure
  • Developer Reaction
  • Genre & Franchise Comparison


  • Community Engagement
  • Player Support
  • Update Reception
  • Monetization
  • Content Releases


Monitor Any Channel

Compare different channels against each other to see if certain communities or platforms are having unique issues.

Real-Time Dashboard

All of your games presented inside a single live dashboard, built to allow for deep dives and quick review.

Built For Games

Understands the structure in which players leave feedback including games specific language.


Get going immediately with no need for any integration into your games. No unique code necessary.

Fully Customisable

Track feedback for Levels, Characters & Game Modes. Tailor the visualization to your teams needs.

Easy To Use

Player XP's friendly user interface means you don't have to be a data analyst to be able to use our platform.