Analyst Support

Leverage Player XP’s expert analysis of player feedback to supplement your dashboard engagement or run standalone reports.

Community Post-Mortem

Created on top of the Player XP dashboard, Player XP’s analysts can work with you to create a deep and insightful static report that summarises the player response to your recent release or post-release content.

By looking across the dashboard, the report will summarise key findings and takeaways from your data to help influence game decisions and evaluation in the future.

Genre Analysis

Go further in your analysis and utilise Player XP’s platform to look across all major releases within your genre.

Identify player expectations, gaps in the market, market leaders and underserved areas through the analysis of thousands of player comments.

Portfolio Reporting

Schedule Player XP to regularly review your portfolio and compile the results into a single, easy-to-read report.

Compare how performance has changed, build internal KPI’s and gain a new level of understanding into your entire portfolio’s community.

Industry Review

By leveraging Player XP’s automated systems, a complete review of the industry from the last 12 months.

Review the impact of the major releases over the past year, see how trends have developed and player opinion has changed (from both internal and external factors).

“Player XP has provided Paradox with reliable research and analysis over several years. They have been a flexible and accurate partner, providing many useful insights.”

Paradox Interactive