We’re happy to unveil our latest feature in Player XP, our Hub page! We’re excited about this new development as we believe that it will be very useful for all of our users.

The Hub contains an easy-access list of all games Player XP is tracking for you. Selecting a game will display a summary of its data, the summary goes into less detail than the full data overview page, but is still capable of delivering quick insights.

Here are the Hub’s features:
*Shows sources being tracked by PXP for your game.
*Displays interactions over time.
*Displays sentiment over time.
*Tracks your game’s sentiment for the last 30 days.
*Separates platform sentiment.
*Separates channel sentiment.
*Links to commissioned reports.
*Link to helpdesk – needs explaining somewhere.

Player XP can now track audience reaction of your games on social media. Sources available include Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and, coming very soon, Facebook. A sentiment summary for these platforms can be seen on the Hub page and social media data now has it’s own channel page.

We are also trialing a new source of insight by separating the sentiment of games by platform. On the Hub, you can now view a game’s sentiment on PC, console, and mobile.

Links can be found on the Hub to any reports you may have commissioned, and to request more games be added to your account.

There will also be a link to our new helpdesk, which contains an exanding resource of FAQs, a glossary, and How-To guides for use with Player XP. These guides will be updated frequently as we add new features to the tool and will be available in addition to any analyst support.

As always, the Player XP team are working incredibly hard to improve the tool, and we will be rolling out more improvements and features in the future. We really want you to enjoy the new Hub page and if you have any suggestions or questions, or even if you just want to learn more about Player XP, we encourage you to contact us.