Hertzian is very proud to release our new version of Player XP. Through the combination of natural language processing, machine learning, and advanced data analytics, the new Player XP platform provides you with the most powerful way of monitoring, evaluating, and actioning player feedback from a wide range of online sources.

Key features of the new Player XP are:

  • Automated monitoring of multiple online community discussion channels.
  • Identification and data analysis of subjects that matter the most to your players.
  • Monitor impact on player sentiment when making changes to your game.
  • Highlight and track frequent bugs and issues being discussed by player communities.
  • Provides ongoing monitoring alongside real-time reporting and dashboarding.

For those familiar with our previous version of Player XP, this new version provides greater depth of analysis, combines the monitoring and evaluation of many more data sources, and allows analysis of games from any platform including mobile, PC, and Consoles.

To find out more about how Player XP can help your studio, get in touch today.

new player xp