As we move on from 2021, which was another challenging year for everyone, we recap the more joyful events of the year for Player XP and look forward to achieving much more in 2022. In this article, we will look at the major Player XP updates we made to the platform throughout the year, our biggest achievements of 2021, and what exciting new features we want to introduce in 2022.

Player XP Updates


Throughout 2021 we made frequent Player XP updates to the platform. We aim to improve your experience using Player XP and allow you to access insights more accustomed to your community. We introduced multiple new data sources into our platform which allows users to track your community’s sentiment and player reviews from all of your available social channels. 

The first update we introduced was a set of powerful new categories available on the platform. These categories were much more relevant for long-term community management, and allow users to monitor categories that provide player feedback on a specific element of your game. This can help users understand where and how they can improve their games to meet customer needs.

Later in the year, we implemented updates to the platform which we felt would be extremely useful for users. Access to the Player XP Helpdesk was made much easier as an embedded contextual helpdesk integrated into the dashboard. This allows users to find helpful content quickly and easily by using the help icon in the top right of your screen, from anywhere on the website.


This year we introduced multiple new data sources onto the platform. Starting with the release of Custom Twitter Searches in June, we’ve been working hard to present more “earned” data and this was a major step. Using the custom Twitter searches, you can track hashtags, specific terms, and aliases through the Player XP dashboard. 

Possibly the biggest update that we made in 2021 was integrating Discord as a data source into the platform. Integrating Discord as a data source provides you with full user interactions and visibility on what is posted in your community. You can use Discord to view data per individual channel, search discussed topics within the Discord server. Also, you can view many other categories such as sentiment, most active times, and sentiment drivers.

We recommend checking out our latest major Player XP updates from 2021 below:

  • Audience Type Segmentation – looks at different types of community members across channels and provides detailed analysis of results
  • Line of Best Fit – add the line of best fit on the sentiment analysis graph to view when your sentiment was above or below its average
  • DLC Review Tracking – monitor user reviews for DLC packs and see different responses to release
  • Deep Linking – go directly to the source of comment or review being viewed on the dashboard
  • Shared communities – see the overlap of your community with other games and competitors


We are proud to have reached such amazing milestones throughout the year and we hope to achieve even more in 2022 with the continuous development of our platform. Our milestones this year include…

  • Games that Player XP supports were played by more than 100 million players
  • We grew our team at Player XP by 40%
  • Player XP collected and processed more than 200 million comments across social media, video, user reviews, and message boards



In 2022 we will continue providing frequent Player XP updates and new features on the service. Throughout 2022 we have multiple new features that we will introduce onto the platform which you can look forward to.

A sneak peek of what to expect for 2022 includes…

  • First Party Translation Engine – We are excited to introduce our language translation engine which will allow you to receive global coverage of your player conversations all inside the Player XP dashboard
  • Custom Email Notification & Alert System – we will be introducing a new system to allow you to tailor the contents of the email updates and set alerts to notify you of volume or sentiment spikes across your data
  • Twitch Source Support – Twitch coverage can help your game reach new audiences, and we want to help you understand the discussion taking place. Combined with our existing YouTube support, we’re focused on giving you visibility of what’s being said in the comments of any live stream


Thank you for reading, we wish everyone happy holidays and a healthy and successful 2022.

You can take a look at our Helpdesk and Public Roadmap to get a better insight into what we have planned for Player XP in 2022. We welcome you to contact us via Slack or email with any queries or suggestions of features you would like to see added to Player XP in the future.