Player XP is adding a new data source to our ever-growing list, giving you an even greater insight into the discussion around your game. Twitch is the latest Player XP data source we monitor for comments and interactions related to your game. 

This new data source gives us another way to better provide our service as the community intelligence platform and ensure you see the conversations around your game that are happening in all channels and communities, now including Twitch.

Twitch logo - data source

How We Monitor Twitch

Twitch is a video live streaming platform where streamers broadcast video games and other creative content. For Player XP users that request Twitch as a data source, we will monitor streamers and livestreams for those who are broadcasting your game. Streams that have ended go into a Twitch VOD (Video on Demand) – an archive of videos previously live streamed on Twitch. Comments and interactions in the VOD’s chats will be collected, analysed, and presented on the Player XP dashboard. We will search Twitch for your game or the developer/publisher so we can monitor all VODs of your game and give you the full analysis of your entire Twitch community. 

Once we have collected comments from your game’s Twitch community and performed sentiment analysis, you can use multiple Player XP features to get granular insights into the driving factors behind the sentiment of your game and monitor it over time. Features such as the Sentiment Drivers and Talking Points will allow you to identify common topics of discussion within your Twitch community and see the sentiment of the discussion to know if it is being positively or negatively spoken about. You can use this to find specific areas of your game that your Twitch community have a negative response to and needs to be improved. 

At your request, we can use the data we gather to identify specific users who may have been negative towards your game in multiple Twitch VODs. When we collect comments from Twitch VODs on your game, we also use and analyse Twitch emotes towards the sentiment of the conversation and if the emotes are being used positively or negatively in the stream chat. You can use the Interaction Explorer on the Player XP dashboard in the Twitch source to also see real comments from Twitch VODs that we have collected so you can see the exact responses your playerbase gives to areas of your game.

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The new Twitch VOD data source will allow you to overview and get insights from your Twitch community and never miss interactions from your playerbase on this channel. Check out the new Player XP Roadmap so you can see what’s to come soon in future updates. Feel free to contact us via email or Slack if you have any questions or would like to suggest new features to add to Player XP.