Player XP is excited to be hosting our first webinar!

Last year CTO / Co-Founder Andrew Husband and Head of Community Development attended the Game Quality Forum in Amsterdam. They had the opportunity to showcase some of the capabilities of Player XP across the different stages of game development.

In the months since we have been brainstorming what juicy data from the industry favourites of 2023 we could share. 

For our new webinar, we’re disseminating information on ideal timings for DLC/updates after a launch and what to do if things don’t work out ideally – all powered by Player XP’s player sentiment feedback gathered from message boards, user reviews, and social data. 

The Data-Driven Decisions webinar hopes to unlock insights about some of your favourite (and most controversial) games from the past year. We will discuss: studio apologies (should you apologize? What makes a good apology?) Can community trust uplift a game with a rough launch and more!

After signing up you’ll receive an email granting you exclusive access to the Player XP Discord server to chat all things in Community Management and working in the games industry.

To end it all off we will have an exclusive Q&A session with Jenesee and Andy to answer your burning questions about how data can affect your studios decisions. We hope to see you there!