Player XP is introducing our latest feature, Toxicity analysis, allowing studios to automatically monitor the well-being of their community and report on player toxicity and safety concerns.


Toxicity analysis is a new feature on the Player XP dashboard that analyses your community data and shows you where the player toxicity is occurring in your community. With Toxicity analysis, you can see the number of toxic interactions we have identified and the topics of conversation in your game that include the most toxicity. There are several categories that toxic interactions are put into on Player XP, examples include Obscenity, Abuse, Homophobia, Sexism, and Racism.

We aim to help studios support their players and reduce harmful behaviour to help foster healthy communities. By using our toxicity score for your game, you can identify the harmful behaviour that is occurring. Studios can use Player XP’s insights to make informed decisions and better maintain the health and well-being of their community and players.

Player XP saves you time by identifying toxic interactions in your community, so you can quickly and effectively report them and act to resolve the issue. Your game is given a score between 100 and -100, -100 is the maximum toxicity level you can receive. You want to avoid this at all costs! The charts show you how toxic your game is and what type of toxicity is being used. See examples of some toxic comments that have been flagged by Player XP below. You can use the dashboard to jump directly to the interactions on the channel they were posted.

Toxicity charts

Toxicity comment 1

Toxicity comment 2

Toxicity comment 3

Toxicity comment 4

Toxicity comment 5


We introduced Toxicity as a feature to aid game studios and developers in identifying the toxicity in their community so they can act on it and maintain a healthier playerbase. Many roles within a studio such as Community Managers can use Player XP to get insights into the toxicity in their community.

If you are interested in getting Toxicity analysis for your community, make sure to reach out to us via email. When you get Toxicity for your game(s), there will be a new module added on the Player XP dashboard with all of the above graphs and the most discussed topics. 

At Player XP we want to offer these insights to clients so that they can support their players and maintain a healthy gaming community. This is a feature which has been highly anticipated within the industry and is valued by studios and Community Managers looking to get an overview of how players perceive their game(s).